NB:  Most of Stacey’s Stories contain Jewish Characters in Leading Roles ! 😀  

Contemporary :

Rogue Desire:

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Stacey’s Story:  Truth, Love and Sushi

When First Daughter Caroline Crosby finds herself in possession of the one document that can bring her father and his administration down, she turns to a real life social justice warrior for help. Max Wilcox isn’t sure what to make of Caroline: is this an elaborate hookup or a political conspiracy? But he has to make up his mind fast because the information and their chemistry could change the world—or break their hearts.

Burning Bright


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Stacey’s Story: A Home for Chanukah

When impulsive interior designer Molly Baker-Stein barges into Jon Adelman’s apartment and his life intent on planning the best Chanukah party their building has ever seen, neither expects that together they just might discover a Home for Chanukah.




‘Going all In’


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Stacey’s story:  ‘Playing Her Game’

Melanie Gould writes about passionate relationships, but keeps people at a distance…except when she’s promoting her books. Of course, she’s never gone head to head with a guy like Chris Emerson. Unfortunately, Chris is trying to behave, and someone like Melanie would destroy his plans to stay under the radar. So what happens when the woman the media has dubbed the ‘Girl in the Lace Corset’ and the NHL’s most infamous bad boy go one on one? Will they play her game? Will they play his? Or will they both end up in the penalty box?


Icing the Puck:


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Stacey’s Story: Crossing the Line

Kayleigh Emerson knows that she shouldn’t get involved with a teammate of her brother’s. But the chemistry between her and rookie sensation Max St. Laurent is unmistakable.

Max St. Laurent is captivated by the talented violinist who happens to be his captain’s sister. Unfortunately, he doesn’t need his unique combination of empathy and telepathy to realize there’ll be problems if he pursues her.

But when mandatory English conversational sessions lead to a fake date that feels all too real, Max and Kayleigh must decide whether to cross the line between friendship and love.


For Love and Liberty


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Stacey’s Story : ‘Home’

A young Jewish couple must decide what can hold them together before war and geography tear them apart.

Nb: This story is about Sephardic Jews and includes snippets of Ladino