So, are any of your books connected?

YES 😀   So far, my stories in the two different New York Empires anthologies( Icing the Puck and Going all In)  are connected.

How? Kayleigh Emerson (heroine in Icing the Puck) is the younger sister of Chris Emerson (hero of Going All In).  They have an older brother. Bryce.


Is Bryce Emerson Getting a Story?

NEW 😀   His heroine is a Goaltender, and his story will be part of the next Empires anthology….  release date to be determined


In my stories, those little ‘blink and you’ll miss them’ references are called ‘Afikomen,’ named for the piece of matzah that serves the object of the search in a Passover Seder.  My stories in both Burning Bright and Rogue Desire have Empires references.  The Empires are the team featured in Going all In and Icing the Puck.